Things Everyone Should Know Before Going to Their First Football Game

First Football Game

So you have looked forward to this first football game you’ll be going to soon and have even taken time to get familiar with the nitty-gritties of the game. I mean, you don’t want to appear clueless asking your football die-hard friends (or even strangers that happen to be seated next to you) completely obvious stuff during the game.

Football Basics

By now you already know that the game takes 90 minutes, which are divided into two halves. You also know that some extra time that will be spent on other things other than the game (i.e. injuries and substitutes) is added by the referee.

You are already sounding like an expert on matters to do with football formation and feel confident enough about explaining to someone else the roles of center backs, attackers, midfield and wingers.

You even took time to familiarize yourself with the venue at which the game will be taking place and know the exact colors of the jerseys the teams playing will be wearing. You feel you are very much ready for this game and believe you have the things everyone should know BEFORE going to their first football game right at the tips of your fingers!

But wait a minute! How much do you know about the soccer shoes the players wear when playing? You hadn’t thought of those, had you?

Function of Soccer Cleats

To begin with, these shoes are called Soccer Cleats and they aren’t just worn for the sake of looking pretty and colorful in the field. As a matter of fact, soccer cleats ( For more information – make a huge contribution to the performance of the soccer players. Not only do they have an absolutely lightweight feel, Soccer Cleats are specially designed to offer maximum support, lockdown traction as well as comfort to the players as they run or walk about the field and kick the soccer ball.

A Brief History of Soccer Cleats

As per the records, King Henry VIII’s was the first person to wear Soccer Cleats in 1526. That goes to show you just how long this type of shoes have been in existence! The fad took years to catch on but by 1938, these shoes were gaining even more and more popularity as it was reported that more than a thousand pairs were being manufactured on a daily basis.

Ten years later, which was around 1948, the Soccer Cleats-making companies we now know as Adidas and Puma came into being with the famous brothers, Adolf (Adi) and Rudolf Dassler being the brains behind it. However this union was not to last as some years later, the two brothers would go separate ways paving way to the existence of two independent companies.

The Puma company owned by Rudolf was the very first to come up with interchangeable screw in Soccer Cleats which they named the ‘Puma Atom’.

Today there are several companies that specialize in making soccer cleats including Diadora, Lotto and Kelme, Umbro, Reebok, Uhlsport, Mizuno, Nike just to mention but a few.

So there you have it, you are now a soccer expert and can feel confident enough as you go to your first football game. Enjoy the game!