5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

dog happy

Dogs have great benefits that make pet lovers choose them over many other pets. They are so sensitive and smart that you cannot maltreat them and have the best out of them. If you want the best from your dog, you will have to make it happy. The happier your dog is, the more you will benefit from it. Therefore. we are providing you with 5 ways you can adopt in keeping your dog happy.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

1. Avoid Leaving Your Dog in Isolation

A dog is an energetic and restless animal, so do not leave it isolated at home. After all, this might not go well for you because leaving dogs in isolation is harmful to its emotional well-being. A dog that is isolated for a long time may become so distressed and go wild when it comes in contact with other people and pets. Even, it may not welcome you properly when you are back. Therefore, try to socialize your pooch; take it on a walk around your environment and during your workouts.

2. Keep Your Dog Constantly Engaged

If you are going to a place that you cannot take your pooch along with you, you will have to find a way of keeping it elated till you come back. Therefore, you can keep it engaged by providing it with things, such as puzzle toys that it can fiddle with in order to stimulate its mind. Leave it with things to bite, such as chew toys, lest it eats up your shoes before you are back. If you have a friend, whom you trust to look after your pet, you can get it used to him/her and leave it in his/her care. Otherwise, hire a dog walker or someone, who can be playing with it while you are away.

3. Train Your Dog

Training your pooch will stimulate its emotion and strengthen the bond between you and the dog. Hence, ensure that you are playing with your dog while you are training it. Therefore, you should not be harsh with it but remain calm and tender throughout the training sessions. If you are harsh, it may become nervous, and a nervous dog is more likely to be aggressive. Keep it next to you and reward it with special treats, either by cuddling it or giving it special food, when it successfully followed your directions.

4. Play Games with Your Dog

There many games you can use to stimulate and make your pet feel ecstatic. For instance, you can be throwing an object in the air and direct it to catch it or throwing the object into your garden and ask the pet to search for it. One of the games that greatly interests dogs is hide-and-seek. This type of game is better and safer indoor than outdoor. In order to play this game, you go away from your dog to a hidden spot and call your dog to find you. Once your dog finds you, give it a special reward so as to encourage it to continue with the game.

5. Keep Your Dog Healthy

The healthier your dog is, the happier it will be. There are many things you will have to do in order to keep your dog healthy and fit. These include giving it regular bath; drying and combing its coat immediately after bath; giving it regular massage; keeping it dry and warm in cold and wet weather; and giving it nourishing balanced diets. Finally, you need to keep appointments with a veterinary for check-ups and proper vaccinations of the dog. Ii is best to take your puppies for a check-up every six months and your adult dog, once a year.
Once you are able to stick to these tips, your dog will always be in ecstatic mood and give you lots of fun. Consequently, your pooch will be displaying its full potentials, which you can exploit to your advantage.